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There are many…well, I hesitate to call them distractions because that lays blame where none is due, so I will call them interruptions to the writing process here on the Great Bearpaw Sea. My writing island is my island and no one lands without permission, but it is not the only island I call home. Right off the mainland is a little island I share with my wife. It is not only the land we share but the responsibilities. My responsibilities there are legion – and they are not always spelled out. When I am working, I leave our little island and try to forget all about it. I leave at dawn and return at sunset, but lately, when I return, I’ve been leaving my mind in the writing shack on my island instead of taking it with me when I go home.

This is the cause of a great many of my troubles.

Things would be quite different if I were the kind of person who announces to his wife, “I know there are many things I need to do here on our island – feed the seals, clean the beach, re-thatch the roof of our hut – but there is something in my head that I have to get down on paper and I have to do it now. I will take care of those other things when I come back, but for now they must wait.” Then I would grab her, kiss her, and set sail into the rising sun.

But I’m not that kind of person. I’m the kind of person who wakes up, grabs his pens, and walks out the door with a hurried mumble of, “Goingtowrite!”, leaving my wife staring at the receding aft of my boat saying, “What about the goddamned seals?”

Then upon my return, there is a furious storm in our house.

There is a lesson in this: accept who you are and what you want, then take it. If you don’t take what you want, you will have to steal it. And that will always, always, piss someone off.


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