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I sit at my desk, alternately tapping and pounding at the keys of the coconut-computer.  I prefer the scritch and scratch of foolscap folio, but technology doesn’t always work this close to the z-quator, so I have to take advantage of it when it does.

It’s so quiet here.  A couple of wild cats have made my tiny island their occasional home.  They are full of writing advice, but so far none of it has proven useful (how many times can the hero stare blankly at the villain and then utter an enigmatic, “meow”?  Once, that’s how many).  Still, they break up the solitude with the mostly silent and sleepy presence.



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I have acquired a little island of my own in the middle of the Great Bearpaw Sea.  It is extremely tiny, but I have no complaints.  There is room for a desk, a chair, and a bookshelf.  So I will sit down and continue to write.  The trees give me paper and the stars give me ideas.  There is a nice breeze here most days.  When the tide is out, I daydream while walking on the reefs.  I am home again.

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